PODCAST: TV Talker Episode 2 – AKA The Jessica Jones Pod

Movie Mingler proudly presents: TV Talker Episode 2 – ‘AKA The Jessica Jones Pod’


Finally! It’s the long awaited second episode of ‘TV Talker’. This time… possibly under the influence of mind-control…Chris and Nick dissect Marvel’s most adult Superhero TV-show yet, ‘Jessica Jones’!

How well does it portray Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder? Is it better than ‘Daredevil’? Is Kilgrave the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s best and most evil villain so far? Is Robyn the worst character ever? Find the answer to these questions and much much more, by clicking below!

Be warned, spoilers ahead– so please check out the series first!

Download Podcast (Please Right-Click and Select “Save As”)

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