PODCAST: THE MOVIE MINGLE #7 – Stories We Tell (2012)

Movie Mingler proudly presents: ‘The Movie Mingle’ #7

Get out your Super 8 cameras and join the Minglers as they discuss Sarah Polley’s highly acclaimed film, Stories We Tell (2012). Also discussed – Entourage (2015). Fletch (1985). Ewan McGregor in talks to return to a galaxy far, far away, in his very own Obi-Wan Kenobi trilogy. And much much MUCH more…


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Entourage (2015) — Fletch (1985)

MOVIE/TV NEWS. (Time – 18:20)

Rumors:Ewan McGregor in talks with Lucasfilm to reprise his role as Obi-Wan Kenobi for a potential trilogy focused on the iconic Star Wars character.

-The X Files revival may do a sequel to show classic, ‘Home’.

-‘Sister Act’ to be remade by Disney.

-James Wan to direct ‘Aquaman’ for Warner Brothers.

-Sofia Coppola leaves ‘The Littler Mermaid’.

– The adaption of Stephen King’s epic saga, ‘The Dark Towers, finds a new director.

FEATURE REVIEW. (Time – 50:14)

Stories We Tell (2012)

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