THE MOVIE MINGLE #9 – Inside Out (2015) – {PODCAST}

Movie Mingler proudly presents: ‘The Movie Mingle’ #9

This week: The Minglers go through all range of emotions as they discuss the new film from Pixar Animation, Inside Out (2015). Also discussed – Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015), The season two premiere of True Detective (2015), Season one of Bloodline (2015), the new on-set photos from Paul Fieg’s Ghostbusters (2016) reboot.  And much much MUCH more…


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What We’ve Been Watching:

Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) — Star Wars: The Clone Wars (TV 2008-2014) — The X Files: Season 7 (TV 1993 – 2002) — True Detective: Season 2 Episode 1 (TV 2015) — Robotech (TV 1985) — Bloodline (TV: Netflix Original 2015) — Star Wars: Rebels: Season 2 Episode 1 (TV 2015)

Movie/TV News

‘Hannibal’ cancelled by NBC — Rumour: Indiana Jones sequel/reboot eyes 2018 release — ‘Jurassic World’ continues to break records at the worldwide Box Office — ‘Ghostbusters’ 2016, first look on-set photos.

FEATURE REVIEW. (Time – 52:44)

Inside Out (2015)


The Movie Mingle #32 – Top 10 Movies of 2015 — Featuring, Inside Out

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